Turning People Ops into the Heartbeat of the Organization.


ProSky provides predictive intelligence for Hiring Managers and Human Capital Professionals. Our products give the most complete and unique insight into the candidates’ and employees’ aptitude, technical & interpersonal skills via succession pathways.


Where we came from

ProSky was founded in 2015 with a simple mission: to help companies discover and find the best talent. We wanted companies to evaluate and hire candidates, in real time, without any biases. So we architected a suite of evaluation tools for hiring managers to, evaluate candidates technical and interpersonal skills, engage actively with candidates, and reveal a true measure of the candidates.

Early on, we noticed that our data could help guide hiring and promotion decisions for hiring managers and department heads- by personalizing progression pathways for candidates and employees, managers can decide where to allocate human capital resources.

Since 2017, we expanded our technology to support the needs of true organizational development. We help managers evaluate and predict talent succession, and understand how to empower their greatest assets – people!

Our mission has grown - beyond recruiting and hiring. Today, we want to help the world’s managers actually understand their people and in turn, their organization, and what makes them tick.


Where we’re headed

HR is undergoing a radical transformation in how we communicate and work with our people. Bias in hiring and politics within the organization is created by segmented tools and the lack of regarding each talent as a whole individual.

Instead, we must allow managers and employees to interact as whole persons, and we must develop systems that treat the organization as a whole community. The future of work depend on our moving in this direction.

For this, we need to understand the organization’s mission and structure. What plans do we have for our employees? What kind of progressive pathways should our employees be on? How can we evaluate candidates and employees without bias? How do our employee’s goals align with that of the company’s? ProSky works with data scientists, machine learning, and partner organizations to support companies with real-time signals and real-world data. In the future we wish to become the complete source on the who, what, why, where, and how of organization engagement. Through that, we can explain and understand the problems and solutions - and create a more effective and happy workplace.