Industry Innovation

The flexibility of the ProSky platform enables us to design a unique system for the needs of your industry. We use the latest technologies to grow and evolve with your organization’s development. Regardless of which industry you come from: tech, finance, consulting, retail, healthcare, aviation, and more, we will be there with you…every step of the way.


ProSky is designed to help people-first organizations mitigate bias in the industry and engage with and retain their workforce.



Create a more automated system of check-in’s and employee development so your professionals can spend their time with what really matters - their patients.



Create pathways to competencies and form a more unified organizational system for both front-end and back-end ops.



Create a much better environment where you can develop employees with more responsibility and more opportunity for growth through pathways.



Rethink HR and shift from a traditional organization to a fluid organization that promotes retention, a strong culture, and effective employees. Improve manager-employee communications and feedback.



Automate evaluation of new recruits in real-life situation so you can hire the best. Create a system of career progression.



Engage your employees in different ways so as to mitigate slower career progression and increase retention and effectiveness.



Promote a culture of care by implementing succession planning in your organization. Show your teachers and administration that you care about their goals and ambitions.



Create a system of career progression that extends retention rates, promotes longevity, and decreases office politics.



Automate recruiting while developing organizational structure. Promote cross-training and career progression from warehouse to call-center to back-end ops.



ProSky gives back by working with non-profits of all sizes meet their hiring and retention goals. Automate your system so your people can spend time helping others.


HR agencies

Manage your clients’ talent and organization development needs easily with admin access. Engage in true consulting when platform and consulting work hand-in-hand.